BSG & Friends at Global Game Jam 2014

BSG & Friends at Global Game Jam 2014

BSG & Friends at Global Game Jam 2014

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Thomas and me were participating in GGJ14 Berlin. We are happy to present you the results of our exhausting but exciting weekend. We also like to show you some other GGJ games of friends from the Indie Arena.

Super Fruit Punch (Thomas’ team)


Super Fruit Punch is a coop platformer/fighting game, where you have to work together to fight against fruits and mix different kinds of punches.

– You can revive the other player by throwing him.
– You should lift up and squeeze fruits to complete the recipe.
– Each successful recipe in a row increases your score multipier.
– When the mixer/vortex is on you can just run into fruits to kick them into the mixer.

DAMN HI (Markus’ team)


DAMN HI is a local-multiplayer-arena dual-stick-shooter. You constantly swap roles of predator and prey with the classical rock-paper-scissors mechanics taken literally.

– Win by getting the most kills until the time runs out
– Collect pick-ups to switch your role
– Rock kills scissor, scissor kills paper, paper kills rock
– Bbut shooting one’s predator cause his/her life to regenerate

Thanks to both our great teams! It’s always amazing what can be done in just a few hours. We are looking forward to feedback in case you want to try out our games.

More interesting games worthy of taking a look at which emerged from GGJ from some friends of the Indie Arena:

Set your outlook and change the way you approach the problems and opportunities on your journey.

In Someone Else’s Shoes
Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be someone else? We want to give you the opportunity to find out!

You are an object with color and form. If you change yourself, each object that is the same as you changes as well.

Tribe or die
Lead a group of stupid people and help them manage their food and fat soldiers.

Audio Hunter
You are a bat. You see nothing. But you can feel the world with your waves.

Dr. med. Mad’s Labs
You change to other creatures. You see the world differently with every creature.

This Real-Time-Online-Multiplayergame is about persuading other people to not see the things as they are, but to see the things as we are.

Here is another fantastic GGJ idea that already makes its’ way around the web:

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


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