Positive reviews for Zeit²: Facts, quotes and a poem

Positive reviews for Zeit²: Facts, quotes and a poem

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Zeit² was praised by a lot of reviewers for its innovativ mechanics, lasting appeal through a great variety of game modes and the fresh approach to the shoot ’em up genre.


  • 8.0 scores of major sites like Gamespot and Eurogamer
  • Over 35 reviews rated Zeit² 80% and higher
  • Highest review of 90%
  • Reviews  from 10 different countries
  • Two-pager with 82% in “XBG 360 Games” Germany’s top printed 360 magazine
  • Reviews most of all honored the innovative time-travel gameplay


We are honored and pleased by the many positive reviews we got for our first released title. Following we present you a collection of what what reviewers wrote about Zeit².  (The scores have been translated into a “out of 10” system for easy recognition)

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Score: 8.0

“Zeit Squared’s clever mechanics combine to create a unique and

satisfying shoot-’em-up.”

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Score: 8.0

“Zeit² threatens to become another score-chasing obsession.”

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Score: 8.0

“Zeit² succeeds because it takes everything you think you know

about a shooter and turns it on its head. (…) It’ll change what you

think a shooter is supposed to be.”

“This includes some of the most engaging and difficult Bonus Levels I’ve ever played

and game types that feel like entirely new experiences.”


“A ground breaking mechanism that revamps the genre with a new beauty.

The ability to test all players while keeping gameplay simple

isn’t easy, but Brightside Games has done a fine job indeed.”

360.mmgn 8.5

“The core gameplay is very much like the classic R-Type series,

but what separates Zeit² from the rest of the R-Type copycats are the various

new directions that the game takes the side-scrolling 2D shooter genre.”

“One great thing that Brightside Games did for Zeit² was to give it some amazingly well thought out audio design.

The tunes that pump through the speakers during boss fights sounds both epic and exciting.”

The Video Game Writers, 8.0

“The boss battles in the game are awesome.  They all require creativity and reflexes to beat.”

Capsule Computers, 8.5

“Very rarely do I find graphics that work well with the game I’m playing but there is a great contrast here.

You can easily see what you have to kill, what you can’t kill, and what the enemy is going to do.”

Just push start, 8.0

More Links to Reviews:

English: gamers temple 8.8, now gamer 8.1, neoseeker 8.3ztgd 8.5

German: krawall 8.2, Gamereactor 8.0, Eurogamer 8.0, gamers 8.1, Sofahelden 9.0

French: jeux capt 8.0

Greek: GameOver 8.0

Belgium: 4gamer 8.2, Eurogamer 8.0

Netherlands: Inside Gamer 8.5

Impressions: A poem for Zeit²

“Bottom line poem:

The presentation is excellent

the value is high

for shooter and arcade fans

this game is a buy.”

“Zeit2 works.  It’s fun, addictive, and forces you to learn something new by dusting off an old trick, rewinding time.

As you progress through the game and build up your weaponry you begin to fall deeper and deeper under its spell.”

Cory Leland (1up-member)

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