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Brightside Games
Based in Berlin, Germany

Release date:
March 2013

Windows Store
Apple iOS


Regular Price:

Win StoreFree (2 players)
Win Store€ 1.99 (4 players)
iOS$ 1.99
AndroidFree Demo
Android$ 1.45
Windows PC$ 3.49
Mac$ 3.49
OUYAFree, donation based


SPiN WARS - That crazy one-button multiplayer battle game! Up to 4 friends battle each other simultaneously on just one device in this simple but fun arena shoot 'em up game! Control your fighter and pull off your special moves with the well-timed tap of just one button!


  • Competitive gaming anytime - anywhere! 4 Players on one device!
  • Frantic shoot'em up battles with awesome special moves!
  • Master the tap and hold one-button controls!
  • Pay once, get it all! No additional cost, pure fun!
  • Great for pick-up and play video game tournaments at your event or party!
  • » iOS exclusive « Share instant video replays!
  • » PC exclusive « Hook up you PS2 Buzz controllers and play with big buttons!


Played at every Brightside Games party

We developed SPiN WARS originally as a 3 day prototype to submit it to the "Gamma IV one-button challenge" back in 2010. Since then the game was brought out at all Brightside Games parties or game nights. We had so much fun with our SPiN WARS tournaments that we decided it's about time to release this little gem to the public! We don't think it's easy to market a local multiplayer only game, but we just want everyone out there to be able to enjoy it as much as we do! So gather your friends around your device and have fun!

Let's see what some other team members say

Óscar Maestre, Brightisde Games programmer and big fans says: "Nadie tiene la más mínima oportunidad frente mí en SPiN WARS! Soy el rey del mundo!" what freely translates to: "SPiN WARS is so much fun!". Markus Bedenk, Game Designer adds: "Oscar macht mich immer platt, was für ne Scheiße!", German for "The one-on-one dog-fights in SPiN WARS are just crazy!". Programmer Juan Miguel explains: "Fighting someone in SPiN WARS on the projector or big screen and having people watch is like a Quake tournament just simpler!" and really he thinks "Soy la peste jugando a Quake pero te puedo meter una paliza cuando quieras a SPiN WARS!".

download the PressKit with all screenshots & photos as .zip (32MB)


Trailer - Short Cut YouTube

Trailer - Extended Cut YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    SPiN WARS has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

    • "Spin Wars: Lustiges Multiplayer-Battle sorgt für Spaß an einem Gerät"
      - Mel,
    • "Spin Wars besticht im Test durch das einfache Konzept, das nichtsdestotrotz den Kampfgeist der Spieler zu wecken vermag."
      - Ralf Winkler,
    • "Egal ob in der Pause auf dem Schulhof oder am Abend auf der Party, SPiN WARS sorgt sicherlich für die eine oder andere heitere Minute."
      - ,
    • "Wer [...] nach einem großartigen Zeitvertreib für die Pause sucht, bei dem wirklich jeder mitspielen und viel Spaß haben kann, der hat in SPiN WARS das perfekte Spiel gefunden."
      - (Haris Odobasic),

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      About Brightside Games

      Brightside Games is an independent game development studio based in Berlin, that formed out of a student team in 2009. Brightside Games’ debut title Zeit² was released in January 2011 on XBLA and Steam. It was very well received by the international press with 35 reviews of 80% or higher and specifically praised for its innovative gameplay. Zeit² was also finalist in the IGF and other independent game development competitions. Early 2013 Brightside Games released their original party battle game SPiN WARS across multiple platforms including Android, Apple AppStore, OUYA, PC and Mac. "SPiN WARS" was also part of the Indie Royale Bundle. Moreover Brightside Games developed the successful racing game with an innovative co-pilot concept "Rally the World", created a game for deaf children and teaches game development classes at several universities. "Sheep Shack" another Brightside Games original that features sheering sheep while they fly through the air was released May 2013 on iOS.

      More information
      More information on Brightside Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

      SPiN WARS Credits

      Thomas Bedenk
      Production, Game Design, Art, Programming

      Johannes Giering
      Technical Director & Lead Programming

      Markus Bedenk
      Game Design & Testing

      Oscar Maestre

      Juan Miguel Lechuga

      Matthias Manhertz

      Dario Seyb

      Carolin Baudisch

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