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Brightside Games
Based in Berlin, Germany

Release date:
May 29th 2013

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Thumbr and Brightside Games are pleased to announce Sheep Shack. Sheep Shack combines the addictive styles of Whack-a-Mole and Fruit Ninja, resulting in a new style of gameplay for all ages. Are you ready for this highly addicting action-puzzle mix? Your new, adorable sheep friends need your help! Feed them, shear them and slice away the angry wolves. Racing against the clock, players will be presented with a 3D Rubik’s Cube-like shack where the sheep are kept. Swipe the cube vertically and horizontally to discover where all the sheep are hiding. Shear the sheep by swiping across them as they leave the shack; swipe the big sheep twice, they have more wool! Swipe, feed, release and shear in a specific order to create combos and earn maximum points.


  • New mix of puzzle action and puzzle elements
  • Rubik’s Cube meets Fruit Ninja meets Whack-a-Mole!
  • 15 levels of gameplay (Lite/free version)
  • Upgrade for 45 additional levels and extra game modes
  • Post your high scores and achievements to Facebook and Twitter
  • Game Center support
  • iPhone 5 support and Retina Display support


download the PressKit with all screenshots & photos as .zip (15MB)


Sheep Shack - Trailer YouTube

Sheep Shack - Gameplay YouTube

Sheep Shack - Teaser YouTube

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      About Brightside Games

      Brightside Games is an independent game development studio based in Berlin, that formed out of a student team in 2009. Brightside Games’ debut title Zeit² was released in January 2011 on XBLA and Steam. It was very well received by the international press with 35 reviews of 80% or higher and specifically praised for its innovative gameplay. Zeit² was also finalist in the IGF and other independent game development competitions. Early 2013 Brightside Games released their original party battle game SPiN WARS across multiple platforms including Android, Apple AppStore, OUYA, PC and Mac. "SPiN WARS" was also part of the Indie Royale Bundle. Moreover Brightside Games developed the successful racing game with an innovative co-pilot concept "Rally the World", created a game for deaf children and teaches game development classes at several universities. "Sheep Shack" another Brightside Games original that features sheering sheep while they fly through the air was released May 2013 on iOS.

      More information
      More information on Brightside Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

      Sheep Shack Credits

      Thomas Bedenk
      Production, Art-Direction, Game Design, Programming

      Johannes Giering
      Production, Technical Director, Lead Programming

      Markus Bedenk
      Game Design, Level Design, Testing

      Oscar Maestre

      Juan Miguel Lechuga

      Matthias Manhertz

      Dario Seyb

      Volker Seeker

      Kai Rohmer

      Ricarda Führer

      Carolin Baudisch

      Mischel Schmitt

      Slip Shift - Nikolai Zernikow, Andreas Beer, Patrick Richter, Phillip Dege, Gil Salvado, Robert Maschke

      Bastian Kieslinger
      Sound, Music

      Fin Ambsdorf, Rene Anhaus, Timo Forschner, Marc Koch, Max Thiemeyer, Sebastian Vetter

      Bit Barons, Alexander Zacherl, Nichole Bedenk, Susanne Wolling-Giering, David Rosenberger, Yvonne Varl
      Special Thanks

      Remote Control Productions - Hendrik Lesser, Manfred Pack, Christopher Kellner

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks