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Based in Berlin, Germany

Release date:
October 9th 2014

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Team Indie unites indie video game characters into one play experience. You will play coop with your own prior runs and bend time to get through puzzles and action sequences. Characters like CommanderVideo from BIT.TRIP RUNNER or Clunk from Awesomenauts join forces, each one with their unique skill to cooperatively get through the jump ‘n run levels.


  • Play 10 different indie characters with their unique skills!
  • Merging action 2D platforming with interesting puzzles in a beautiful world!
  • Cooperate with your own prior playthroughs by manipulating time!
  • Over 50 levels and 3 boss fights!
  • List of included characters: http://bsgam.es/ti-characters
  • High quality trailer download (1080/60p mp4): http://bsgam.es/ti-video
  • Presskit download (extras and PSDs) http://bsgam.es/ti-press-archive
  • Request Steam key http://bsgam.es/ti-keys



It all started with the idea to make a 2D platformer that brings in some aspects of our own game Zeit² by allowing a single player to coop play with his own prior plays. We also wanted to create a game where different indie characters aren’t just a gimmick, but come together with an integrated gameplay experience.

Indie Developers

After some initial prototyping we started showing the game to developer friends at A Maze Berlin 2013 and where encouraged to follow our new dream project. We were taken by surprise of how positive the reactions where, when we asked some of the more established developers to include their characters. Amongst the first were Rami from Vlambeer and Jasper from Ronimo Games. Since then even more developers were excited about the project and gave us their consent to use their characters in Team Indie.


Team Indie - Launch Trailer - Steam YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2014 - Nominierung "Bestes Actionspiel", "Innovationspreis"" Köln. Germany
  • "Tommi Award 2014 Best PC Game Nomination" Berlin, Germany

    Selected Articles

    • "The brilliance of Team Indie is in the way that multiple runs have to work together to get through the levels. Altogether, Team Indie brings crisp graphics, responsive controls, and a very cool blending of established characters in a way that I hadn’t expected. I’d definitely recommend it to any fan of any source game, or those who enjoy puzzling platformers in general. "
      - Chaz Miller, twinfinite.net
    • "Team Indie set out to induce fun and nostalgia, and I can confirm, mission accomplished."
      - Kirstin Venn, g3ar.co.za
    • "Brightside Games have come up with a clever concept and best of all, they have pulled it off wonderfully. I recommend this one!"
      - Cat Swinburn, invisioncommunity.co.uk
    • "I wasn’t quite sure what to expect booting up Team Indie for the first time and boy was I in for a pleasant experience. Boasting over 50 levels, featuring 10 of the best loved indie video game characters ever and brimming with some of the most creative and innovative level design, if you are a platforming game fan, it would be a shame to miss out on this one. 10 / 10"
      - David Logan, thatvideogameblog.com
    • "Team Indie is a success on the whole. It combines a lot of range of different characters with engaging puzzles and fun mechanics! The art and music work great together and really help to make the game feel fluent and cohesive. I had a great time controling time with Team Indie and give it 8.5 out of 10!"
      - Glitch, youtube.com
    • "Team Indie is a family friendly, casual 2D platformer that brings your beloved indie characters together for a grand adventure. With an interesting mechanic with the rewind and fast forward feature, the puzzles you come across will offer a fair but rewarding challenge. In today’s world where games only focus on graphics and overused mechanics, it was definitely a nice change of pace to find something new and refreshing."
      - Ted Chow, videogamerrob.wordpress.com
    • "The wonderfully cameo-filled Team Indie platformer [...] is a delightful thing to play with."
      - Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome, indiegames.com
    • "The fact is this game ran with a gimmick and it ran with it pretty damn fucking well! This game is based entirely on a gimmick that doesn't overstay its welcome and in fact is incredibly, incredibly fun! Immeasurably so. It is beyond fun, literally beyond fun, there is nothing funner than this!"
      - Tully Burnalot, youtube.com
    • "Of course, a game like this doesn’t *need* a host of guest stars to work – and we were pleased to see that their presence isn’t merely a gimmick."
      - , pressplaynews.wordpress.com
    • "“…a true testament to the closeness and comradeship of the indie gaming scene”"
      - Nathan O'Grady, invisioncommunity.co.uk
    • "Das Spiel ist vollgestopft mit tollen Ideen, kniffligen Rätseln und prominenten Charakteren. Die Mischung aus Puzzler und Plattformer hat mich überzeugt."
      - Sebastian Hamers, gameradio.de
    • "Die frische Idee, verschiedene bekannte Gesichter aus Indie-Titeln zu kombinieren und in einer von einem Spieler gesteuerten Koop-Art die Levels lösen zu lassen geht auf und die Umsetzung ist gelungen. Ein schönes Art-Design und der angenehme und fröhliche Soundtrack runden den Titel ab, sodass ich mich sehr auf das fertige Spiel freue. Mein Tipp: Controller bereit legen! "
      - Philipp Kleidt, spieletester.com
    • "Team Indie [...] looks to be the sort of puzzle-platformer that hardcore gamers will lap up with joy"
      - Gareth, cubed3.com
    • "Team Indie is a collaboration between several indie games to make a fantastically fun platforming puzzle game."
      - Al Valentyn, Youtube

    About Brightside Games

    Brightside Games is an independent game development studio based in Berlin, that formed out of a student team in 2009. Brightside Games’ debut title Zeit² was released in January 2011 on XBLA and Steam. It was very well received by the international press with 35 reviews of 80% or higher and specifically praised for its innovative gameplay. Zeit² was also finalist in the IGF and other independent game development competitions. Early 2013 Brightside Games released their original party battle game SPiN WARS across multiple platforms including Android, Apple AppStore, OUYA, PC and Mac. "SPiN WARS" was also part of the Indie Royale Bundle. Moreover Brightside Games developed the successful racing game with an innovative co-pilot concept "Rally the World", created a game for deaf children and teaches game development classes at several universities. "Sheep Shack" another Brightside Games original that features sheering sheep while they fly through the air was released May 2013 on iOS.

    More information
    More information on Brightside Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

    Team Indie Credits

    Thomas Bedenk
    Creative Direction, Production, Game Design, PR

    Johannes Giering
    Technical Direction, Production, Lead Progamming

    Markus Bedenk
    Game Design, Level Design, Assistant Production

    Nadia Enis
    Art Direction

    Anna Plicht

    Gabriel deVue

    Juan Miguel Lechuga

    Matthias Manhertz

    Dirk Kultus

    Janis Langer

    Till Engert
    Sound, Music

    Boss Music

    Additional Writing
    Kerstin Baumann

    Andreas Bachmann, Steven Bartels, Ralf Kessler, Miriam Jud, Anna Köhler, Fin Ambsdorf, Erdi Ekmeki, Robert Adloff

    Special Thanks
    Nichole Bedenk, Susanne Wollin-Giering, Julian Dasqupta, Christian Grabolle, Patrick Rau, Rami Ismail, Jan Willem Nijman, Christian Niemand, Alex Neuse, Mike Roush, Lexie Dostal, Woodley Nye, Johannes Vuorinen, Jasper Koning, Jonathan Blow, Nicklas Nygren, Esther Rothstegge, Hochschule der populären Künste Berlin, The members of indiearena.de

    Devoted to
    Lia Bedenk and Simon Giering

    Supported by
    Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

    presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks